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June 26, 2016
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Pilot House, Haddam

pilot house

I’ve blazed past the Pilot House a bazillion times over the years and never stopped in. You’ve seen it on 154 in Haddam as you turn toward the river to the Blue Oar. This classic roadside stand never exactly screamed healthy choices for my clean eating regime but once my mind was set on snack shack indulging, I made a bee line. I’d heard from a couple of hot dog connoisseurs that THIS is the place, justly famous for their housemade relish. On a shady picnic table overlooking lush woods, I tucked in for a taste test atop long grilled hot dogs. I couldn’t decide between HOT and SWEET so I went for one of each. The hot was HOT, but bold with flavor and the sweet was crunchy with loads of celery – both perfectly paired with a grilled and buttered bun. After 70 years in full swing, these folks have it down.

They serve burgers and ice cream, too. But that relish…

1364 Saybrook Rd, Haddam
Visit their Facebook page.

by Laura Williams

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