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September 5, 2017
Newsletters / 9/5/2017

New Shops, 9/5/2017

willow birch

Along with the abrupt arrival of cooler weather and Labor Day came too much mindboggling news; a hurricane that just wouldn’t quit, record-breaking rain, and inexplicable images that kept us glued to the TV for days, reminiscent of Katrina and Sandy. And then I woke up Sunday to a news flash on my phone reporting North Korea had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. (Note-to-self: disable news messaging; nobody needs to know that before one’s had one’s coffee). We all get a bit melancholy this time of year, but REALLY? It’s hard to believe what’s going on out there in the world when we live in this idyllic little corner. And idyllic it is: here are some new shops we’re excited about, a chance for free tix to our favorite foodie fest, and a list of fun things to do to keep you distracted from the real world.

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