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December 4, 2017
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M!X Design Store Holiday 2017

mix design store

Modern is Mix’s thing and they do it so very well. This is my favorite destination for the latest in gift and my recent expedition turned up something for everyone on my list and more:

Oversized pop-up paper snowflakes, a de riguer (and well-designed) bike kit, Christmas Coloring Poster to keep the tots busy for hours, a sweet travel journal with interior pockets for keepsakes, a minimalist balsam candle (from Brooklyn, of course), and this genius sling over the shoulder water bottle holder (that corrals your phone, too) for long winter walks.  And for the one who has absolutely everything, gift them a dozen bright chopsticks! It’s a don’t miss for the holidays, with plenty of prezzies for men, women, teens, kids, and babies. You very well may not need to head elsewhere after a stop here.

  1. Christmas Tree Giant Coloring Poster $22
  2. Water Bottle Bag $18
  3. Rainbow Chopsticks $46 for 12 pairs
  4. Sukie Travel Journal: Sunshine Camper $16.95
  5. Winter Snowflake $10, $14 & $24
  6. Gentleman’s Hardware “On Your Bike” Bicycle Repair Kit $26
  7. Christmas Tree Candle with Graphic Box $45
  8. Japanese Kitchen Apron $26

20 Whitfield Street, Guilford

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