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August 13, 2018
Concerts and Theater / Fun / A Chorus Line at Ivoryton Playhouse

A Chorus Line at Ivoryton Playhouse

chorus line

Photo Above By: Jonathan Steele

For many of us who saw A Chorus Line as teenagers and were slightly appalled by the language, you’ll be struck by how far we’ve come. Compared to an average popular song these days, it’s SO tame. That’s one of the first things that hit me at this earnest production at the Ivoryton Playhouse. The second thing was this very cast could have easily been playing themselves in this classic tale of earning a dancer’s contract on Broadway.

My sister and I were happy to take a nostalgic trip along with the stellar cast. We were slightly younger than the actors when it came out, and the gay folks we knew were still mainly in the closet. The scourge of AIDS had yet to decimate the showbiz industry, and the future seemed hopeful and bright.

We loved everything about the show; the individual stories of the actors, the 70’s inspired dancewear, and of course, the score. It seemed an authentic snapshot of an aspiring dancer’s life. The Ivoryton production works well on a smaller stage; it’s a very personal experience, and the actors spill their stories directly to the audience. If you’ve never seen A Chorus Line, you must go, and if you have, you’ll enjoy this version, anticipating that glorious last scene.

p.s. we sat in the orchestra, but for this show, you’ll have a better view of the dance scenes from the balcony.

Through September 2nd.

chorusline ivoryton
Photo By Jonathan Steele
Photo By Jonathan Steele
Photo By Jonathan Steele

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