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February 6, 2019
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NOLO, Pollo & Kondo, 2/5/2019


Is anyone else obsessed with Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up? I hear folks are lining up at the Goodwill after Kondoing their life. The show is equal parts cringe (all those families willing to reveal their extreme untidiness to the world) and inspiration, as Marie successfully nudges them to neatness. She instructs more than helps; it’s up them to do the hard work. Although I’m tempted by her methods: piling every piece of my clothing on my bed and asking if it brings me joy, I think I’d be mortified by the mountain (as EVERYONE is on the show). I get the bed trick; because most of us would hide under the covers at the sight, and you simply can’t. Me, I’d rather binge the show, but it did inspire me to gather a garbage bag or three from various household closets.

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