March 11, 2019

Brian Keith Stephens Exhibit

brian keith stephens

Find an exhibit of Brian Keith Stephen’s work upstairs in our gallery at 1 North Main Street in Chester open during our store opening weekend and by appointment.

Brian Keith Stephens’ artistic studies began in his native Connecticut, expanded to cosmopolitan Paris and New York, to return full circle to the rural studio where his paintings come to life. Nostalgia, nature, romance inform a simplicity of subject matter; however, the emotional and physical breadth of each piece resonates in the layers upon contrasting layers of paint. The resulting works show both the direct energy of the artist’s hand while revealing the story of the artist’s heart. The titles created for his pieces range from humorous to poetic, informing a fuller perception of the artist than the painting alone might present. A distinctive painter with a quiet, gentle and searching presence, Brian Keith Stephens works celebrate the innocence of the child within while documenting the passions and conflicts we grow into. Over the past 15 years, the prolific Stephens has exhibited in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and across the US to wide acclaim.

For an appointment, email:

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