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March 1, 2019
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Denim, Olmo, India Farm Market, 3/26/19


I don’t need a good excuse to trek to Ikea, and setting up the new shop and office has given me plenty of reason. But dragging my husband there is a whole other story. To say he HATES it is an understatement. I have to bribe him — which worked pretty well last weekend. We’ve been dying to go to Olmo Kitchen (the new iteration of our beloved Caseus), and he was as pleased if not more so than me. So jovial, in fact, that he then allowed me a peek at India Farmer’s Market, the largest ethnic grocery store I’ve ever seen, and both of us were intrigued by the assortment of exotic food. See my reviews below, and a little round-up on what we think about jeans for spring!

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