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April 29, 2019
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Choose Your Own Class at Anytime Fitness, Deep River

anytime fitness

By Laura Williams

I know that gyms with 24-hour access are not a new concept but in these parts (Chester/Deep River) they are very rare. So, once I spied the sign for Anytime Fitness’ opening in Deep River I raced in and joined sight unseen. The gym is spanking new (December) and brimming with cardio machines, strength training equipment, plenty of room to train, lift, stretch and more. They’ve got personal trainers at the ready, group training challenges, plus private restrooms with a shower and amenities in each.

Here’s the part I love:

With a busy work/life schedule, I can’t seem to make group fitness classes on a regular basis. Anytime Fitness has a private room devoted to guided fitness classes ON DEMAND. Some mornings I feel like kickboxing for 20 minutes so I’ll grab my neighbor to join me while other days I prefer Step Aerobics in the afternoon. I just choose the class and duration I want from a screen outside the room then head in, turn out the lights, and use the open space and large screen to get my workout done.

190 Main Street in Deep River

(860) 322-3987

anytime fitness

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