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June 13, 2019
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A New Lounge, Great Gifts & Things To Do, 6/11/2019

grano arso lounge

Father’s Day in my house is a bit of a quandary, but this year I had it figured out. My husband is picky-picky-picky: prefers to own a dozen (or more) identical shirts, trousers are the same story, has a drawerful of socks (many with tags still on), and all the fancy facial products I purchase for him are relegated to the back of the under-sink. He does have quite a back stock of CeraVe because, you know, CVS MAY run out one of these days. On a recent vacation, he lost his beloved 15-year-old bucket hat from Lenny & Joe’s. The guy doesn’t leave town without it. But, NO, Lenny & Joe’s has restocked with the more popular Trucker, and he would NEVER wear that. So back to square one. We’ve gathered a few ideas on this list.

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