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August 11, 2019

Perfect Pears’ Perfect Easy Cocktail

Here’s what to drink when you’ve had your fill of rose´ and Aperol Spritz. I tasted this refreshing concoction at a party catered by Laura Grimmer, owner of The Perfect Pear, one of the best kitchen shops on the Shoreline. It’s hard to believe that she whips up delights like this in her spare time, but she does and this one is a great thing to have stashed in a mason jar in your fridge for impromptu cocktails.

Perfect Pear Vin d’Orange

Combine until dissolved 1 bottle dry, unoaked white wine, ½ c. sugar and ¼ c. brandy. Stir in peeled zest of 2 oranges. Let stand in a dark place for 10 days. Strain and chill. Drink alone as an apértif, mix with a crisp white wine and seltzer or with a bubbly.


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