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September 4, 2019
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Back-To-School for Grown-Ups & Autumn Events, 9/3/19

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Hope you all managed back-to-school and (for those of us empty-nesters) apres Labor Day, happily. I have, mainly thanks to my Happiness Planner. Not that I’m sad, but the last nine months of crazy (buy a building, renovate it, open a store, pneumonia (!), all while keeping my day job), pushed me into a constant cycle of worry and, worse, complaining ALL. THE. TIME. I bought the Happiness Planner on a whim a few years ago and never cracked it open. In a recent bookshelf re-organization, there it was, and I decided to give it a go. Like any change of habit, this journal forces you to plan for happiness in your every day. And, guess what? It works. Nothing wrong with a few inspirational quotes and a daily reminder about how many things in my life are pretty wonderful. So for September’s Self-Improvement month, I’m sticking to happy. I’ve got a few other areas that require improvement, but this is good for now.

Love, Erica

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