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February 11, 2020
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Wine, Cheese & High Thread Counts, 2/11/2020

rose winery wine cave

Is it just me, or is everyone desperate for a little face-to-face? I’m exhausted by social media and the awkward endings to text streams: no “see you soon” or “all best” or even xxoo. It’s just over. We’re so used to NOT having to make a phone call that we do anything to avoid it. Social media’s point was to make us better connected, but it’s had the opposite effect. So it was nice to visit a couple of venues this week whose sole reason for being is connection. Rose Vineyards in Branford offers a lovely spot for a gaggle of gals (or couples!) for lunch, wine, and cheese, or dinner, and a stunning wine cave for special events. And Gather’s entire vision is community. Keep an eye on The E List this Spring for the launch of our own series of events, The E List IRL (in REAL life) upstairs in our gallery above the shop. We couldn’t lift it off last year with so much on our plate, but excited about our offerings this Spring. Here are a few Branford finds.

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