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May 18, 2020

Takeout and Delivery Made Easy By Shoreline Menus

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Despite the array of eateries spanning the Shoreline, there has never been much in the way of food delivery in these parts. Nor has there ever been such a need for it.

Thanks to the innovative and technology-savvy brains behind the website Shoreline Menus, this new delivery and takeout system is laser-focused on keeping our local small food businesses alive.

You may be surprised to find some of your favorite haunts are already participating, and from what we hear, there’ll be many more to come. Why not have your favorite pizza and craft beer delivered to your pool this weekend? Surprise Dad on Father’s Day with a seafaring lunch from Fresh Salt? Judging from my seamless deliveries from Chester’s Thai Riverside and a super-easy pay online with curbside pickup from Sweet Luna’s, this service is doing its job well.

Shoreline Menus facilitates, from start to finish, the takeout and delivery process for each restaurant that’s featured on the site. View the menu on the restaurant’s own website, pay online (including a small delivery fee), and have your meal delivered by a staff driver from Shoreline Menus. The takeout option works great, too. Choose your items, pay online, and head to the restaurant for a contactless pickup at your designated time.

Based in Old Saybrook, the drivers are local and employed by the company. Unlike urban delivery services, Shoreline Menus is owned and run by a growing number of participating restaurant owners, and they invite you to learn more.

Visit shorelinemenus.com for more info.


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