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February 11, 2019
Discover / fashion / 21C Designs, Madison

A New Life for Old Gems at 21C Designs, Madison

21c jewelry

Most of us have a little stash of jewels that haven’t seen the light of day in a generation or two. Maybe it’s a bejeweled brooch (don’t you just love that word?) from great-grandma, or your grandmother’s engagement ring whose day has come and gone. While jewelry takes longer to go out of style than, say, a dress, sometimes all that’s needed is an update to give those valuable gemstones a new life. And now that 21C Designs is on the scene, there’s no excuse! This tiny and private atelier offers exactly that. They’ll take your stash and work with you to design current, modern and oh-so-wearable works of gem art. The photos here will give you plenty of ideas, and as for me, I’m about to raid my jewelry box!. They design custom and bridal jewelry too, and keep your eye on their social media for occasional pop-ups featuring well-known designers.

Visit Jaime and Katherine at their studio, or meet them on Zoom. Wear your masks and bring your jewels for a free consultation.

Below are a few projects from 21c from the past year:

Virginia – Her husband died of brain cancer a couple of years ago. She was finally ready to do something with his ring along with hers. She wanted his ring to be wrapped throughout as he was the glue in the family. They made a beautiful infinity ring with their 3 rings. They took her center diamond and made a necklace charm out of it for her to wear on her necklace along with the stash of his ashes.

Sam – Had a diamond ring which was her grandmother’s, from which they made a ring and a necklace. She also had a lovely pair of 1980’s emerald and diamond earrings, given to her by her father, from which they made stacking bands.

Meghan – One of her projects was to take her mother’s diamond wedding band, from which they made a diamond necklace which she wears every day. Her father was so happy about this!

Diane – Her engagement ring was her mother’s diamond. She had been wearing it for many years but it was a big stone and she wanted it updated and showing off the beautiful diamond.


Look for the cottage with the red door down the alley behind Angie Lu of Madison. 693 Boston Post Road


More before and after pictures here.

21 c



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