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April 6, 2011
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Amiji Twins

A college service trip to Ghana inspired Dave Adams’ relentless wanderlust. After graduating, he, like brother Zach, sought to develop a business model that was socially conscious, online and perhaps indulged his travel bug. Dave’s concept is timely: if kids got to know one another better today, would they be better neighbors tomorrow? He’s hoping the launch of his new company, Amiji Twins, will help spread the word.

Each adorable, boiled wool doll (handmade in Nepal) has a twin. You buy two: your doll arrives in the mail, and its twin is distributed (free) through schools in a foreign country. A code on the hangtag accesses the Amiji World website. Kids log on to hear from one another for the first time, and learn across borders, cultures and languages. A daily question on the website keeps it lively, and Google automatically translates the children’s responses.

Lori Warner Gallery in Chester has sample twins to view and will sell Amijis in the near future. Currently, twins can be purchased online or you can pick out your own by dropping by Amiji headquarters in Old Saybrook. For the first six Amiji buyers, Dave will personally deliver your twin (from Branford to Stonington) and tell you all about the program. Use code: elist


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