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July 23, 2018
Readers Poll / Readers' Poll Winners

Best of the Shoreline Readers’ Poll Winners 2018

readers poll

This year we decided to give an honorable mention to fourth place.

Best Restaurant
1. Café Routier, Westbrook
2. River Tavern, Chester
3. Bar Bouchee, Madison
4. La Marea, Old Saybrook

Best New Restaurant
1. Grano Arso, Chester
2. The Essex, Centerbrook
3. La Marea, Old Saybrook
4. Sea House, Madison

Best Food To-Go
1. Pasta Vita, Old Saybrook
2. Bradley & Wall, Madison
3. Mystic Market, Old Saybrook & Mystic
4. Jia Mei, Madison

Best Family Friendly Dining
1. Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale, Westbrook & Madison
2. Pizza Works, Old Saybrook
3. Red House, Deep River
4.Chip’s Pub, Clinton

Best Café
1. Ashlawn Farm Coffee, Old Saybrook
2. Guilford Coffee House, Guilford
3. Willoughby’s, Madison, Branford & New Haven
4. Savour Café and Bakery, Centerbrook

Best Pizza
1. Otto, Chester
2. Pizza Works, Old Saybrook
3. Bufalina, Guilford
4. Al Forno, Old Saybrook

Best Ethnic Food
1. Darbar India, Branford
2. Kamana, Guilford
3. Som Siam East Thai Restaurant, Old Saybrook & Guilford
4. Himalaya Cafe, Old Saybrook

Best Ice Cream
1. Ashley’s Ice Cream, Guilford, Branford & Madison
2. Scoops of Centerbrook, Centerbrook
3. Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream, Salem
4. Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe, Old Lyme

Best Bread Bakery
1. Pursuit of Pastry, Old Saybrook
2. Howard’s Bread, Centerbrook
3. Savour Café and Bakery, Centerbrook
4. Dagmar’s Desserts, Old Saybrook

Best Cake Bakery
1. Sugar Bakery, East Haven
2. Pursuit of Pastry, Old Saybrook
3. Savour Café and Bakery, Centerbrook
4. Dagmar’s Desserts, Old Saybrook

Best Breakfast / Brunch
1. Cristy’s, Westbrook & Madison
2. Mirsina’s, Old Saybrook
3. The Tea Kettle, Old Saybrook
4. Simon’s Marketplace, Chester

Best Caterer
1. Pasta Vita, Old Saybrook
2. La Cuisine, Branford
3. Coffee’s Country Market, Old Lyme
4. Guilford Marketplace, Guilford

Best Brewery
1. Stony Creek Brewery, Branford
2. 30 Mile Brewery, Old Saybrook
3. Thimble Island Brewery, Branford
4. Fox Farm Brewery, Salem

Best Cocktails
1. Moxie, Madison
2. The Essex, Centerbrook
3. Café Routier, Westbrook
4. River Tavern, Chester

Best Vegan / Vegetarian
1. G Zen, Branford
2. Shayna B’s By The Sea, Old Saybrook
3. It’s Only Natural, Middletown
4. Shoreline Diner, Guilford

Best Grocery Store
1. Bishop’s Orchards, Guilford 
2. Food Works, Old Saybrook & Guilford
3. Walt’s Food Market, Old Saybrook
4. Robert’s Food Center, Madison

Best Gourmet / Cheese
1. Fromage Fine Foods, Old Saybrook
2. The Cheeseshop of Centerbrook, Centerbrook
3. Madison Cheese, Madison
4. Bishop’s Orchards, Guilford 

Best Butcher
1. Walt’s Food Market, Old Saybrook
2. Cliff’s Quality Meats, Essex
3. Forte’s Gourmet Market, Guilford
4. Guilford Marketplace, Guilford

Best Farmers Market
1. Chester
2. Madison
3. Bishop’s Orchards, Guilford 
4. Ivoryton

Best Fish Store
1. Atlantic Seafood, Old Saybrook
2. Star Fish Market, Guilford
3. Saybrook Seafood, Old Saybrook
4. Flanders Fish Market, East Lyme

Best Outdoor Dining
1. Fresh Salt, Old Saybrook
2. The Blue Oar, Haddam
3. Bill’s Seafood, Westbrook
4. The Place, Guilford

Best Health/Fitness
1. Privé Swiss Fitness, Westbrook & Branford
2. Iron House, Old Saybrook
3. Funktion Fitness, Old Saybrook & Clinton
4. Quest Fitness, Guilford

Best Yoga Studio/Teacher
1. The Yoga Shop, Old Saybrook
2. Saybrook Soul Sweat, Old Saybrook
3. Emrys Tetu
4. Privé Swiss Fitness, Westbrook & Branford

Best Pilates Studio/Teacher
1. Privé Swiss Fitness, Westbrook & Branford
2. Pura Vida, Old Saybrook
3. E-Fitness, Guilford / IMX Pilates and Fitness, Madison (Tie)

Best Specialized or Boutique Gym
1. Privé Swiss Fitness, Westbrook & Branford
2. Pura Vida, Old Saybrook
3. E-Fitness, Guilford / IMX Pilates and Fitness, Madison (Tie)

Best Personal Trainer
1. Edie Spadacenta
2. James Newman
3. Dana Brown
4. Joe Fay

Best Women’s Clothing
1. Saybrook Country Barn, Old Saybrook
2. Ella Where She Shops, Guilford
3. Grace, Niantic
4. Compass Rose, Deep River

Best Men’s Clothing
1. Anchor & Compass, Deep River
2. J Alden Clothiers, Essex
3. Saybrook Country Barn, Old Saybrook
4. Khaki & Black, Madison

Best Outdoor Outfitters/ Sporting Goods
1. Denali/Trailblazer, Old Saybrook, Branford, New Haven
2. Sound Runner, Old Saybrook & Branford
3. West Marine, Old Saybrook, Mystic & Branford
4. Action Sports, Old Saybrook & Branford

Best Antique Store
1. Treasures, Old Lyme
2. Maximus Antiques & Home Decor, Old Saybrook
3. Past to Present, Niantic
4. Trove, Old Saybrook

Best Vintage or Consignment Clothing
1. Fantasia, Old Saybrook
2.Tova’s Vintage Shop, Old Saybrook
3. Cinderella’s Attic, Guilford
4. Molly Rose, Madison

Best Jewelry
1. Deep River Jewelry Design, Deep River
2. Dina Varano, Chester
3. Nyman’s, Old Saybrook
4. Paul Lirot, Madison

Best Bookstore
1. RJ Julia, Madison
2. Book Barn, Niantic
3. Breakwater Books, Guilford
4. Harbor Books, Old Saybrook

Best Gift Store
1. Creations, Madison 
2. Bowerbird, Old Lyme
3. Mix Design Store, Guilford
4. Saybrook Country Barn, Old Saybrook

Best Furniture Store
1. Saybrook Country Barn, Old Saybrook
2. Madison Furniture Barn, Westbrook
3. Domestic Possessions, Madison
4. Treasures, Old Lyme

Best Shoe Store
1. Clinton Bootery, Clinton
2. Robertson Madison, Madison
3. Sound Runner, Old Saybrook & Branford
4. Denali/Trailblazer, Old Saybrook, Branford, New Haven

Best Hardware Store
1. Page Hardware, Guilford
2. Essex Hardware, Centerbrook
3. Saybrook Hardware, Old Saybrook
4. Laysville Hardware, Old Lyme

Best Flowers
1. Mar Floral, Old Saybrook
2. Madison Flower Shop, Madison
3. Ashleigh’s Garden, Deep River
4. White House Florist, Guilford

Best Wine Shop
1. Seaside Wine and Spirits, Old Saybrook
2. Coastal Wine & Spirits, Branford
3. Shore Discount Liquors, Deep River
4. Madison Wine Shop, Madison

Best Toy Store
1. Jordie’s, Guilford
2. Toys Ahoy, Essex
3. Bowerbird, Old Lyme
4. Purple Bear, Guilford

Best Children’s Clothing
1. Just Hatched, Guilford
2. Celebrations, Deep River
3. The Red Balloon – (retired)
4. Blue Horse, Mystic

Best Framer
1. Sachem Card and Party, Guilford
2. Art Emporium, Old Saybrook
3. Wall Street Gallery, Madison
4. The Frame Shop, Madison

Best Hair Salon
1. Timothy Pamment Salon, Madison
2. Salon Pure, Old Lyme
3. Essence, Old Saybrook
4. Madison Ave Hair Salon and Spa, Madison & Old Saybrook

Best Mani/Pedi
1. Villa Nail Spa, Old Saybrook & Guilford
2. Cozy Nails, Old Saybrook
3. Oasis, Madison, Guilford & Branford
4. Hyancinth Nail & Spa, Essex

Best Massage
1. The Spa of Essex, Essex
2. Sanno at Saybrook Point Inn, Old Saybrook
3. Vitality Spa, Old Lyme
4. 640 Massage, Westbrook

Best Facial
1. Timothy Pamment Salon, Madison
2. Essence, Old Saybrook
3. The Spa of Essex, Essex
4. Sanno at Saybrook Point Inn, Old Saybrook

Best Day Spa
1. The Spa of Essex, Essex
2. Sanno at Saybrook Point Inn, Old Saybrook
3. Norwich Inn and Spa, Norwich
4. Blissful Beauty Day Spa, Deep River

Best Med Spa
1. Connecticut Medical Aesthetics Old Lyme, Old Lyme
2. Clarity Medical Aesthetics, Guilford
3. Refine by Farrell, Old Saybrook
4. YOLO Laser Center and Med Spa, Guilford

Best Brow Taming
1. Timothy Pamment Salon, Madison
2. Jennie Fresa, Madison
3. Blissful Beauty Day Spa, Deep River
4. Cozy Nails, Old Saybrook

Best Gallery
1. Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme
2. Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme
3. Spectrum Art Gallery, Centerbrook
4. Yale Art Gallery, New Haven

Best Theatre or Music Venue
1.  The Kate, Old Saybrook
2. The Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton
3.  The Goodspeed, East Haddam & Chester
4. The Side Door, Old Lyme

Best Seamstress/Alterations
1. Angie Lu Tailors, Madison
2. Lucy’s Tailors, Branford
3. Loreto Custom Tailor, Old Saybrook
4. Colin’s Tux Shop, Old Saybrook

Best Veterinarian
1. Chester Veterinarian, Chester
2. Clinton Veterinary Hospital, Clinton
3. Guilford Veterinary Hospital, Guilford
4. Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital, Old Lyme

Best Car Repair
1. All Pro Automotive, Old Lyme
2. Palumbo’s Automotive, Guilford
3. Ivoryton Service Station, Ivoryton
4. Madison Service Center, Madison

Best Spot on the Shoreline
1.Guilford Town Green, Guilford
2. Madison Surf Club, Madison
3. Hammonasset State Beach, Madison
4. Niantic Boardwalk, Niantic

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