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January 22, 2014
Be Well / health & wellness / Bikram Yoga, Madison

Bikram Yoga, Madison

In retrospect it’s hilarious that the thing I was most concerned about was the 105 degree heat and 40% humidity! I would much rather bundle up, pile on the layers and combat the cold, then try to undo hot. Plus, I drench my mat in any yoga class. But here’s what happened. After five minutes, I completely forgot about the heat. I was much too busy remembering to breathe. I was much too busy attempting to follow the instructor’s directions. AND I was covertly trying to sneak a peek at the guy next to me to see if I was in the right pose (sort of a yoga no-no). Unlike most classes I’ve taken, there is little demonstration. The teacher talks you through the twenty-six postures prescribed by Bikram, all of which will be familiar to any yogi. She did provide gentle and helpful corrections when I got it wrong or was out of alignment. The big difference with Bikram (besides the heat) is that it’s exactly the same every time you go. I can see the point; every muscle group has been thoroughly worked by the end of the 90 minute class. You can see your progress in the mastery of a posture and the heat aids flexibility. Know before you go: drink a couple of tall glasses of water before class (and bring a big bottle in with you), wear a sweatband, and no, you don’t have to sport skimpy boy shorts and a bra. I was quite comfortable (and not alone) in crop leggings and a full coverage tank. Try it for a month with their introductory special, just $49 for unlimited classes.

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