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September 23, 2019
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Billy Elliot at The Goodspeed, East Haddam

billy elliot

We are all crazy for Billy Elliot here at The E List office, so we jumped at the chance to see the Tony Award-Winning show last Friday at The Goodspeed. So welcome is a modern musical at the majestic East Haddam theater, and so timely in its message of following one’s dream and remaining steadfast despite the norm.

If you somehow missed Billy Elliot in the last two decades, either on stage or screen, it’s the story of an eleven-year-old boy in the mid-eighties who’s lost his mother and lives in a coal mining town in the North of England with his father, older brother, and loopy grandmother. We follow Billy, on his quest, against all odds, to study at the Royal Ballet, after unexpectedly discovering a raw talent and love for ballet. He’s accompanied on the stage by his exuberant best friend, his saucy dance teacher, his tough but loving father and plenty more memorable characters. Clever set design, talented young actors, fresh dance numbers, wonderful voices, and eighties fashion lifted the show.

It was such an engaging performance – we stomped, clapped, laughed, and cried to Elton John’s score. We “booed” and “hissed” (as instructed at the start of the show) in response to the striking coal miners calling, “Mag-gie Thatch-er!”. We were rooting for Billy Elliot all night long.

Go see it! Through 11/24.

P.S. Rated PG-13 for mature themes, harsh language and some violence

All photos by Diane Sobolewski

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