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So many projects, so little time! Call A – Team and get them done! We offer power washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, house painting, landscaping, basement and attic clean outs, light carpentry, hourly manpower and more. Visit our website (, or call 203.421.5388, for a complete guide to services and a free estimate for your job.

Here’s what Erica at The E List had to say:

The best marital advice I ever got was from my best friend’s mom: the only way to get anything done is do it yourself or hire someone. I’m happy to move furniture about, but when it comes to power tools, I draw the line. For all that stuff on your honey-do list that you can’t get your honey to do, call the A-Team. Pete and his band do it all: power washing, light carpentry, gutter and window washing, they’ll even drive you to the airport and pet sit while you’re away.

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