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From BSK Design at Chroma Gallery

Discover the magic and beauty of glass with BSK Design at Chroma Gallery in Guilford, CT.   Become one of the many shoreline residents that wear one of BSK design’s colorful and elegant glass jewelry.

BSK design’s dichroic jewelry is affordable and unique. The  glass fusion process combines the ancient technology of glass fusion with the space-age product of dichroic glass. The colors on the glass shift and change as you move.  Each piece of jewelry is individually designed, hand-cut, and then fired in a glass kiln in Barbara’s studio at Chroma Gallery.  Chroma Gallery is an architecturally whimsical space filled with dichroic glass jewelry, fused glass plates and bowls, indoor and outdoor sculptures that combine metal and glass, and judaica.  When you step inside Chroma gallery, you are immediately transported into a place of color and energy.  BSK design glass creations are simple and  elegant.

Designer Barbara Shulman-Kirwin, who is influenced by her mother, a contemporary architect with a love of design and vibrant color, also creates architectural elements made from glass including home lighting, handrails, custom glass knobs and cabinet pulls,  and installations that divide spaces.

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