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From Camp Hazen YMCA

Every good camp is able to offer fantastic staff that are great role models. Because of our unique staffing structure, we are able to give more thought and consideration to your child on a daily basis. Our ability to view our campers globally, communally and individually helps parents relax knowing that their children are being well taken care of.

When you choose Camp Hazen YMCA you know that you are sending your kids to a camp that will teach skills that they will use forever. Whether it’s learning a new activity like swimming or climbing, or making new and better friends, or becoming more resilient, independent and understanding, you’ll know that your children are coming home inspired to make changes in their lives that you’ll be proud of.

We have been working with families for over 90 years, providing experiences for kids that parents simply cannot achieve on their own. If there’s one thing that we are comfortable with, it’s knowing that your kids are growing and having fun in so many ways that we know you’ll feel great about choosing Camp Hazen YMCA.

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