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For a full range of aesthetic procedures and anti-aging treatments, contact Esana Plastic Surgery Center & Med Spa in New Haven and get ready to look and feel your best!

About ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa
ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa in New Haven was founded in 2006 by Dr. Deborah Pan. After building a successful CT plastic and surgery practice in New Haven since 2003, she responded to the requests of her clientele by expanding her services to encompass the latest in aesthetic medicine. She brought her colleague, Dr. Javier Davila, to help with the increased demand for sophisticated and advanced cosmetic care in Connecticut. He had previously practiced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Fairfield County, but returned home to New Haven in 2006.

Esana Plastic Surgery Staff
The entire staff at ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa in New Haven is dedicated to bringing the highest aesthetic care possible under the close supervision of both surgeons. ESANA is unique in its ability to bring all your cosmetic needs into one location, from non-invasive laser services to medical-grade skin care, from minimally invasive injectables all the way to plastic surgery. By offering the full spectrum of treatments, our medical team can form a customized plan to fight and reverse the signs of aging or to enhance and maintain your natural youthful beauty. The physicians and staff here value your time and comfort and perform the services with mindful attention to your goals. Esana is featured in the medical spa directory on the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery and is on the forefront of Connecticut cosmetic surgery.

CT Plastic Surgeon Philosophy
Dr. Pan’s and Dr. Davila’s treatment philosophy centers on maintaining our patients’ natural appearance, and utilizing our knowledge of beauty to balance and improve the face and body. The goal of plastic surgery is to achieve harmony, and not to drastically manipulate a person’s fundamental appearance or identity. It is this process of positively transforming lives that convinced them of this professional calling as plastic surgeons. Patients are always a fundamental focus of the educational process. This is achieved through extensive discussion in regard to the entire operative experience from beginning to end. In addition, our office strives to provide comfort and service to all our clients at all points during their care.

Our unique approach combines the aesthetic wisdom of artistic surgeons while providing a strong foundation of patient education. With high caliber education at the finest institutions, our physicians have spent extensive hours working with patients to achieve their desired results and to improve their outlook on life. Dr. Pan and Davila are dedicated to making your experience a comfortable and positive one, ESANA’s staff are always available to answer your questions.

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