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From Creek Chic Designs

Creek Chic Designs are handmade belt buckles and jewelry, all designed and handcrafted by artist Jackie McGuire. Each creation is a unique work of art. Creek Chic Designs offers one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces that will add originality to any wardrobe. The inherent differences in the materials she uses result in no two pieces being exactly alike.

Designer and artist Jackie McGuire is a lifelong resident of Branford, CT and designs all of her creations out of her home studio in Stony Creek, CT. Jackie’s love of gardening and being in nature has a huge influence on her designs. Whether a belt buckle has the feel of a zen garden or a snapshot of a flower in bloom, there is texture, shape and color working in harmony to bring a piece together.

I have always had a love of jewelry and accessories and experience great joy in creating unique pieces that give me and others a way of expressing ourselves and our individuality.


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