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From Dana Rotella Family and General Dentistry

Dr. Rotella partners with his patients to achieve ultimate oral health through the philosophy that less dentistry is better. He focuses on methods to keep teeth and gums healthy in order to prevent dental issues and reduce the need for repairs.

Upon visiting his offices, patients are greeted by a calm environment that is indicative of Dr. Rotella’s caring, open and honest demeanor.  Putting the needs of his patients first, he works diligently to create mutually trusting relationships, guided by the mantra that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  His approach is holistic, whereby he develops a comprehensive long-term plan with each patient to help them improve their dental health.
Dr. Rotella also cares about the environment and is making his practice green.  He gives patients Preserve toothbrushes which minimize the impact on the environment.  While the bristles are brand new, the handles are made from recycled yogurt cups.  When a patient is done using the toothbrush, he simply uses the Mail Back Pack in which the brush is packaged to return it to Preserve, which then makes new toothbrush handles out of it. Additionally, the practice is moving towards a totally paperless system.
Dr. Dana Rotella graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry in 2005.  He was a staff dentist and then became the Dental Practice Director at a multi-specialty practice in Plainfield, NJ; participated in the National Health Service Corps as a General Dentist and then became the Dental Director at Community Health Services, Inc.
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