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Each day, life brings unique events; births, bereavements, achievements, celebrations and sadly, tragedies. elements believes that no matter the circumstance, these represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate our love and appreciation for our friends and loved ones. From simple to sumptuous, elements creates the freshest, most inventive and resource-conscious designs. Whether you need a last-minute gift, a thoughtfully prepared design or a turnkey event installation, elements is prepared to bring its depth of design talent to the table. When the moment calls for a comprehensive plan, let elements design tent décor, tabletop linens, and intimate details such as tabletop lighting, backdrops of plant materials, and many other intimate details. If you enjoy the ongoing presence of fresh or faux flower and plant materials, inquire about our weekly delivery program, and in-home consultations for seasonal décor indoors and out. elements delivers 7 days a week.  Orders accepted 24 hours a day by calling 860-235-2722. For more information on elements, click here

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