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Gain strength. Get that lean muscle look. Transform your body. Come to Essex Pilates and Yoga, the oldest, largest, and most diverse studio on the Shoreline. All levels of Pilates Mat, Tower, Reformer, and Private instruction are offered in the airy Essex studio.  But that’s not all, Essex Pilates and Yoga offers group and private Yoga classes, TRX Suspension classes, ZUMBA, Functional Interval Training “FIT,” and Personal Training by appointment. A team of qualified instructors are ready to take your fitness level to new heights. Are you?

Pilates Mat vs. Pilates Tower/Reformer, what’s the difference? Pilates Mat are a series of exercises done on a mat where your body provides the resistance. Pilates Tower/Reformer machines use springs to provide exercise resistance to promote alignment, core strength and flexibility.


Click here to visit Essex Pilates and Yoga’s website to see the schedule, view videos of students taking actual classes, and apply for FREE Pilates and Yoga classes for 10 weeks!

Click here to find Essex Pilates on Facebook and click here to follow Essex Pilates and Yoga on Twitter.

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