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Fiddleheads Natural Foods Cooperative offers our community a member owned, full service market. Dedicated to providing wholesome natural foods, organic and locally fresh produce, the Co-op emphasizes products that are cruelty-free, developed through fair trade and with a commitment to preserving our environment. We strive to create a closer connection to food sources and are committed to strengthening our community through education, social outreach programs, and food bank donations.
We are 100% member owned, and membership in the co-op is open to all and is voluntary.  By becoming a member, you have the opportunity to get involved in the development, operation, and decision making of the co-op.  We have over 1,125 Founding Member-Owners. Visit our website to learn about pricing and payment plans. There are many benefits that are available to members, and we strongly encourage all in our community to join!
If you are as empassioned about honoring the earth as we are, members can also volunteer at the co-op — there are positions available that may be consistent with your interests and time  Our co-op works because members put in time each day to keep the store humming. The co-op is run almost entirely by volunteers.
Fiddleheads is located at 13 Broad Street in New London, and is easy to get to from State Street.   Come by and enjoy our wide variety of local produce, wholesome foods and fantastic bulk bin section.  We always have specials and strive to provide the best foods and products at reasonable prices.
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