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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

From Garrett Duffy, Mortgage Loan Officer at Norcom Mortgage

Garrett Duffy, famously known as Mortgage Musician, is a Mortgage Loan Officer licensed in RI, CT, and MA. Garrett is proof that you can deliver top notch mortgage loan services and have fun at the same time. He is honest, empathetic, and committed to helping clients reach their mortgage goals by connecting them with a home that fits both their budget and lifestyle. Garrett strongly believes in communicating to each borrower that “It is not what you COULD afford, it is what you SHOULD afford.”

Garrett is dedicated to making people happy, both with his music and guidance as a Mortgage Loan Officer. After graduating from St. Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont with a degree in Business Administration, Garrett did the next logical thing… he picked up a harmonica and joined a band. His band, Barefoot Truth, put out 7 original albums and traveled the country. After several years and 2 additional solo albums under his belt, he switched gears and became a Mortgage Loan Officer. His upbeat attitude and extensive mortgage lending knowledge have recently earned him Norcom Mortgage Presidents Club Award and the 2021 Five Star Professional Rising Star Mortgage Professional Award.

Garrett understands that homebuying can be stressful but strongly believes getting a mortgage shouldn’t be! If you agree, reach out to Garrett to begin a conversation.

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