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When you travel to Italy with Live It, LLC your experience is guaranteed to be beyond your highest expectations. You will eat where the locals eat, in restaurants that can’t be found in any tour book, you will shop in out-of-the-way boutiques and experience a side of Italy not often accessible to tourists. But you are not on a tour, you are on an adventure of a lifetime.

With over 15 years of experience living, working and studying there, Ashley Turney can offer you the inside track on how to make the most of your time in Italy and will offer you experiences you would not have access to otherwise.

Why Italy? We specialize in Italy because that is what we know and that is what we love. With almost two decades of experience in Italy (both living and working) we have developed a family of friends and colleagues who will offer you an Italian experience like no other.

Each adventure we have created offers the best of the city or region that we visit. We don’t overlook the monuments and famous sites but we also recognize that they are but a small part of your experience in Italy. The moments you will remember most may well be sipping cappuccino in the Piazza Navona, dining while overlooking the Tuscan hills at sunset or finding that perfect leather jacket as a memento of your Italian holiday. We incorporate the expected and the unexpected, the old standards and the little touches that make our adventures unique and memorable.

Custom Trips

In addition to our “adventures”, we offer “once in a lifetime” or custom trips where we will work with you to design an itinerary that is uniquely yours. Tell us about the Italian adventure of your dreams and we will make it come true. We handle all of the details and offer guidance as to the best way to make your adventure happen so you get the most out of it. Most importantly, this will be YOUR experience so if you want to stop for that mid-afternoon glass of prosecco or even if you want to skip that “must-see” monument, you can do that. What we won’t let you miss is the essence of Italy. When you travel with us you can’t help but feel it. Italy has a way of getting under your skin and you will never be the same.

Are you responsible for planning this year’s, family reunion, company retreat, anniversary trip or girls’ getaway? Do you really want to wow them and even wow yourself? Make it the one adventure that everyone will be talking about for years to come? Choose Live It, LLC and we will make sure that everyday is unforgettable and better than the last. Cooking classes, wine tastings, walks through the countryside where a picnic awaits you in the middle of a glorious olive grove, spa treatments, golf, tickets to the opera. Whether you know exactly what you want but would like someone else to take care of the details or you have a blank slate waiting to be filled with unique experiences we can help you. Fully guided, completely independent or somewhere in between. We are your Italian insider, from tour guide to concierge and your adventure of a lifetime begins with us.

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