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From Liv’s Oyster Bar

Opening in 2006, Liv’s Oyster Bar quickly became a dining destination in Old Saybrook. Owner John Krissie Brescio set out with a desire to welcome the community to their table, and they’ve done just that. With their daughter, Olivia, serving as inspiration, and years of experience in the restaurant industry, the Brescio’s have created an atmosphere of delicious warmth. Dining at Liv’s, whether in the main room, at the bar, or on the patio, is to be part of a family.

John Brescio also serves as Liv’s Executive Chef, creating simple, focused dishes with an emphasis on local ingredients, and the stunning seafood that the area provides. The menu at Liv’s changes with the seasons, bringing guests a true taste of the pristine environment. John works closely with Liv’s partners to make sure only the best produce is used, as he would serve nothing less to his family.

Together with their exceptional staff, the Brescio’s welcome you to the special experience they’ve created at Liv’s Oyster Bar.

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