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From Erica

Montauk House Cafe, a new sandwich shop in New London, is putting its own stamp on the food scene here. Having just placed third at New London Main Street’s 2016 Spring Food Stroll, we headed over to see what the buzz was all about.  We loved the laid back, beachy vibe, and zany grinder names — Three Little Pigs, mixing up the traditional Cuban with house carnitas and fried plantains, and the Big “A” Meatball, crafted from the freshest ingredients and served on a crusty roll straight from the Bronx.

It was a tough decision, but we finally settled on The Super Rocky: salami, capicola, ham, fried eggplant and fresh mozzarella — a fun twist on a classic Italian. But I say go for the Yard Bird, a crispy breast of buttermilk fried chicken, house-made jalapeño slaw and garlic mayo, served with the cafe’s very own house-brined dill pickles: an absolute frenzy of flavors.  The Asian Noodle Salad we ordered as a side was tasty, but we had to pack it to go.  The sandwiches are ginormous!  They say there is always room for dessert…and we somehow managed to chow down our warm chocolate chip blondies served right from the oven. Oh, and those pickles?  Next time, I’m grabbing a quart to go.


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