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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

From Nancy Joly, Integrated Health Counselor

Illness, or suffering of any kind, forces us to question and ultimately to reassess many aspects of our lives that we had once taken for granted. Change can be a painful process, especially when the change is not in accordance with what we think we want. But it can also clarify what is most essential to our existence.

As we are able to be with ourselves, tolerating both the “good” and the “‘bad,” a very real relationship opens – not only to what we really are, but to what is real in the world around us, including the Divine. Healing is the balancing of this essential interaction, this mutual flow. In this state, little from the outside can harm us; it all plays an integral, even necessary, part in the dynamic flow of the Universe.

When clients come to me, I try to find where there might be disharmony or imbalance in their energy systems, where they are not being supported by their own wholeness. We deepen our exploration through an unraveling of the “problem,” which ultimately leads to a specific healing intervention. The client, fully clothed, lies down, and in silence we drop to a profound state of consciousness, the source of our being. From this place it is possible to rectify the imbalance that originally caused this aspect of our suffering.

It is a natural, yet profound process; by fully embracing our humanness we can contact the Divine. The subtle energies from these healings transform us, our lives, and bring us ever closer to the wholeness that is our birthright.

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