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Pilates for Life, located in Essex, CT, offers the traditional Pilates method handed down from Joseph Pilates to Romana Kryzanowska, and to Pilates for Life Owner/Instructor Marlene Powers. The traditional Pilates method focuses on enhancing movement, body awareness, posture, alignment, and balance. Pilates for Life classes are available as matwork as well as private equipment instruction. 

Pilates for Life is committed to teaching the traditional Pilates method in a positive and encouraging environment to promote physical as well as mental well being. Our Pilates classes offer you the benefit of deep core strengthening and stabilization combined with flexibility. They are designed to compliment physical therapy/chiropractic care and will improve your performance in any sport or activity. 

Proud to be celebrating our 10th year of business with the same owner, Pilates for Life was recently acknowledged by readers of Erica’s elist as one of The Best Pilates Studio’s on the Shoreline. 

If you live or work on the Connecticut shoreline or the lower Connecticut River Valley please give us a call or stop by our Pilates studio. We promise you that with our Pilates instruction you will feel stronger, stand taller, breathe deeper, AND have a deep sense of calm. 

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