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The benefits of a luxurious, health- inspiring Yon-ka Facial treatment include:

* Immediately visible and lasting results
* Rousing your body’s detoxifying capability
* Improving your system’s natural collagen and elastin production
* De-stressing your (facial) muscles v Improving your circulation
* Balancing, soothing and reviving yourself inside and out
* Enhancing color, glow and tone

Drawing on her 22 years of experience as the senior esthetician at the Norwich Inn and Spa and founder/owner of the Skin Care Studio in Niantic, Terri Carboni will renew your skin’s youthful suppleness. Yon-ka, the holistic French line of skin care products, delivers unparalleled results targeted to the specific needs of each individual.

Terri uses the time-honored techniques of acupressure and manual lymphatic drainage massage with aroma-therapeutic Yon-ka products to restore the skin’s vitality and harmony. Recover the glowingly fresh and healthy skin you deserve.

Schedule your personalized Phyto-Aromatic Yon-ka Facial Treatment by contacting Terri at 860.739.5252. Because you are worth it.

See what The E List’s Erica has to say:

“This time of year, my skin gets so dry it practically develops a crust. Forget moisturizer, I needed an intervention. Headed straight to Terri Carboni, who I heard could fix me up. Terri uses Yon-ka skin care products from France (bien sur), an aromatherapeutic line created from essential oils, fruit and plant extracts (no weird unpronouncable ingredients). After an hour or so of massaging various ointments into my face (not to mention the head, neck and hand massage) and a teeny bit of gentle extraction, I do think I managed a youthful glow. Even a week later, my normally parched epidermis is, dare I say, dewy? Hate to think she’s a well-kept secret, because she shouldn’t be. In the Bridal Mall in Niantic of all places. You’ll thank me, and I’m thanking Laura, because she told me I HAD to go.  Facials for men and teens, too.”

* Exciting New Location at 17 Hope Street in Niantic*

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