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Squared Circle Studio, LLC, specializes in a variety of calorie-busting, high energy programs. All classes are designed for men and women (13 years & up) and are ever-changing to ensure an on-going body benefit. Our classes include Boxing & Kickboxing Conditioning, Focus Mitt classes, Boot Camps, 30-Minute Classes, Core Stretch and Strength classes, Jeet Kune Do martial arts and Zumba.

Our Boxing and Kickboxing classes are taught by experienced instructors using heavy hanging bags, focus mitts & more. Participants learn actual boxing and mixed martial arts techniques. These classes also include cardio, plyometric and resistance training methods. In our non-bag classes, instructors provide a variety of cardio, plyometric, resistance, agility and speed training drills. Medicine balls, dumbbells, jump ropes, agility ladders and kettle bells are some of the tools used. Instructors design these classes to increase endurance, strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

Core Strength & Stretch classes promote core (torso) strength & flexibility through a variety of movements. Zumba is an aeorbic, Latin-based dance exercise class that is fun and different from everything else the studio offers. One-one personal training or Buddy personal training is also offered for all who desire personalized, customized training to meet individual goals.

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