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In Connecticut, the term “local brewery” can be changed to “hyper-local brewery” – it seems like almost every little town has its own brewmaster creating delicious and unique variations on beer. John Peterson of Steady Habit Brewing Company is that guy in the small hamlet of Haddam. John has been passionate about brewing beer for decades and pulled the trigger two years ago when he opened Steady Habit on Bridge Street, right down the road from the East Haddam Swing Bridge. His steady (pun intended) following was already forming in the parking lot when I arrived at 2pm on a Friday afternoon. These were seasoned folks who knew “the drill” – bring your own bottles or growlers, wait for them to be filled and gab about the brew while sampling what’s new and fresh off the tap. I spoke with John (he mans the tap himself) while trying a few samples of what was available that day. First, Gooners Grog Dark English Mild Ale – like a Guiness on a diet: smooth, smoky & barely bitter; then Spring Turps Red Ale – hoppy, bright & slightly malty; and finally, Equinox their famed Double IPA – certainly hoppy, round body, balanced & quite satisfying. Like most hyper-local breweries, they are a small outfit; hours are almost always weekend only and supply runs short of demand – so get there early and enjoy!

Hours: Friday 2 – 7pm, Saturday 12 – 5pm

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