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Greg Sharon – a neurotic New York native and his wife Adrienne – a native of Laguna Beach, found themselves frustrated by the lack of authentic Mexican food along Connecticut’s Shoreline.

Uncertain as to whether New Englanders would dig California-style Mexican food, Greg started Taco Pacifico in September 2009 strictly as a catering business. In its first few months, Taco Pacifico focused largely on testing the market, sponsoring various Shoreline events to gain exposure.

This approach proved to be successful, as word quickly spread about the homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsas. Not surprisingly, many California transplants throughout the Shoreline began coming out of the woodworks, demanding this food be made available on a more casual basis. In other words, a taco or burrito on the go?

And on Saturday, July 31st 2010, The Taco Cart was born, and Taco Pacifico opened its serving windows in the parking lot of Dino’s Car Wash, to whom we will always be grateful! From day one, it was a huge success: we were featured in The New York Times, The New Haven Advocate and the The E List.

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