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From The White Dress By The Shore

Our passion is to make the experience of purchasing your wedding gown as memorable as the day that you wear it. With that in mind, our boutique hours are always by appointment, so that our talented stylists may provide our clients an intimate, personalized experience. At The White Dress by the Shore, our goal is to help the bride- to-be and all of the important women in her life to find the perfect ensembles to complement their unique personal style.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional experience that we provide our clients. We have created a new service- White Carpet Appointments, that take that experience to another level. We invite brides to indulge in the unique opportunity of having our boutique all to themselves while being surrounded by those closest to them. They will sip champagne and enjoy delicious treats while a photographer captures the amazing memory of finding the gown of their dreams.

To learn more about the service, for rates and availability, please ring us at 860.669.4596.

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