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From Yuhas Performance Training

Yuhas Performance Training (YPT) in Niantic focuses on the individual client’s training needs. All memberships start with a complete “body blueprint” assessment which builds a road map to help you achieve your fitness goals. From this assessment, Tim creates an individualized program designed specifically for you. Your program will change frequently based on your fitness level. Tim teaches you how to train ensuring that you safely and effectively progress toward your goals. His gym is unique in that you are coached from the moment you walk in until your training session is over.

Tim utilizes a group based or “semi-private” approach that has proven successful in many different arenas including adult recreational, athletic, and physical therapy/rehabilitation settings. Semi-Private training is the wave of the future in personal fitness training. It is cost effective for the client and provides a fun, motivating environment in which to train. The metabolic training regimens used at YPT have proven to be successful in accelerating fat loss. Tim’s education in the field of performance training and 25 years of experience give him the tools to get you in the best shape of your life. This is the BEST fitness training facility on the Shoreline with cutting-edge training methods and equipment. People from all walks of life, including athletes young and old, amateur and professional, as well as ordinary folks like you and I, have all benefited from Tim’s unique approach and have enjoyed the camaraderie of exercise at YPT – come in and check it out in downtown Niantic!

What The E List had to say: Tim Yuhas trains athletes but is equally adept at the not-so-fit. His 4000 square foot gym is tricked out with all manner of unusual apparatus. Tim’s gig is group personal training: you get the attention and motivational coaching of a personal trainer in a small and much less expensive group. He calls it explosive power development, I call it jumping through hoops, but I know if I stuck to Tim I’d be in bikini shape by summer. Check out the video on his website:

Try a one month Trial Membership for $89, with 13 coaching sessions for the month.

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