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An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

From ZINC Food & Kitchen ZINC

Across from the historic New Haven Green, ZINC offers an innovative farm-to-table menu that celebrates the surrounding community. Sustainable food has been the focus of ZINC since opening its doors twelve years ago and has expanded to include artisan pizzas at Kitchen ZINC.

Co-Owners Donna Curran and Chef Denise Appel combined more than 20 years of experience to create a ZINC Restaruant and share their passion for great local food and quality service. Kitchen ZINC has continued the same traditions in the form of artisan pizzas. ZINC and Kitchen ZINC have evolved into two of the city’s most popular gathering spots for both local foodies and visiting ones.

By being an active part of the process from farm-to chef-to you, we can ensure that our ingredients are the freshest and most flavorful available. Our commitment to the farm-to-table philosophy rewards our surrounding community by keeping our ingredients in season and as sustainable as possible. Staying local also allows us to ease the stress on our surrounding environment and promote a thriving community of farmers, chefs and diners.

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