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June 11, 2018
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Cait Shea: An Eye for Design

cait shea

My daughter and I visited Cait Shea’s tiny atelier in Chester the other day, and talk about insta-worthy! The floral ballgowns on display are masterpieces, but that’s not exactly an everyday purchase. What is, however, are Cait’s color-coded racks of wearable designs. And it’s all handmade. This RISD grad designs, dyes, and stitches up every single item in the shop. It’s a bonanza of mother-daughter shopping, as her long, easy cotton cardigans, linen tunics and vegetable-dyed scarves work for every body, literally. It’s a bright, happy spot, with a talented designer at the helm, whose mission is to provide sustainable, natural fiber, well-designed pieces that will be your closet staples. Already bursting at the seams, she’s taking over the retail space upstairs  (currently Harvest Moon) and will add inventory items from like-minded makers. (Ballgowns by special order).

1 Main Street in Chester

cait shea


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