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March 23, 2011
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Canyon Ranch of Miami Beach

I’ve slipped away to recharge at Canyon Ranch in Lenox a few times and the experience is transformative. Hours of exercise, mind-bending seminars, even acupuncture, work wonders! I returned home exhilarated (not to mention exhausted and a bit sore!). But oh, so worth it. Yet, there’s a slight air of deprivation in the place; perhaps the omnipresent calorie count on the dinner menu. Not so at Canyon Ranch, Miami. Yes, those annoying numbers appear on the menus, but this is not your average health spa.
There’s a bar, for starters. Families (even children!) inhabit the Canyon Ranch condos on the property. And, oh yes, it’s smack on Miami Beach. The fresh and modern all-suite accomodations include marble-clad baths with soaking tubs, a full kitchen (good for families and for saving some dough on the in-house restaurants–there’s a supermarket right across the street), two flat screen TVs and a comfortable living area. Frankly, I could have moved in.
The bed was so cozy, I had difficulty transitioning back to my own! But here’s the big secret. While we dropped some dough on a hotel package that included breakfast, all the exercise classes you could stand and a $500 spa credit (goes fast), most of the condos on site (from one to three bedrooms) are available for rent for less than you’d pay for a room in the hotel. Check out and negotiate a weekly rate with an owner. Make sure access to the spa and classes are included (there are some exclusions).

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