The E List

An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline


Stony Creek Brewery, Branford

Wait. Where are we? Williamsburg? Nope, it’s just the super exciting Stony Creek Brewery. Craft beer enthusiasts and newbies alike will love the tastings here in the modern taproom or spacious deck overlooking the Branford River.

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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving To Go 2020

This might be the year that calls for turkey take-out. If you've got just a few at your Thanksgiving table, here's a round-up of the full feast, just the turkey, and our favorite bakeries.

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Farm Stands

Before there were Farmers’ Markets in every town on the Shoreline, we shopped the farm stands for our produce and pies. Despite the availability of farm fresh food everywhere, we have some favorite farm stands that we scurry to for specific goodies:

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The Bird

Pressure-fried, turducken or organic - here's everything you need to know about turkey.

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GMonkey Mobile

While I find a good hot dog irresistible, I’m also a huge fan of vegan cooking. Vegan chefs have to think out of the (butter) box and I find their food some of the most imaginative on the Shoreline.

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Food Trucks

My love affair with food trucks dates back to first grade. We had just moved to Cambridge and I found myself in a hulking, brick school with a vast and terrifying cement schoolyard, so unlike the teeny kindergarten I had left behind in New Hampshire. My brown bag lunch was the only familiar thing that

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Carol Monnerat Artisan Truffles

Carol Monnerat is obsessed with chocolate and we're the better for it. Her golf ball sized truffles are made in small batches using the finest Belgian chocolate and no artificial anything.

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