The E List

An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Shoreline

sol niantic

Niantic Town Guide

Niantic is happening! The Niantic Bay boardwalk is open, some fun new boutiques have installed themselves on Main Street, and one of the best hot dogs on the Shoreline is served up in the middle of a parking lot.

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only niantic

Only In Niantic

Niantic prides itself on being a bit quirky and there are some curiosities in town that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

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Gumdrops & Lollipops, Niantic

If you’re the sort of parent, grandparent or auntie (yes, you, Billie), that likes nothing better than indulging the wee ones in your life, have I got news for you!

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Grace of Niantic

A shop that stocks cupcakes, French cheese and crusty loaves from Fabled Foods,along with an edited selection of on-trend fashion

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