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July 7, 2015

Cupcakes and Flying Hearts, Old Lyme

I stopped at Old Lyme Seafood the other day to pick up provisions for a last minute birthday dinner. But a cake was critical, and I dreaded battling the Fourth of July crowds at Big Y. How incredibly convenient that Cupcakes and Flying Hearts was right next door, open for business, and stocked up with dozens of tiny cakes! You probably already know about my obsession with bite-sized food items so, for me, this place is a bonanza! Yup, that’s all they make, mini cupcakes in eighteen-plus flavors. Red Velvet, Boston Cream Pie and Carrot were my picks. $12 per dozen (out of the case) or $14 special order, made from scratch of course, and open Wednesday through Saturday 10 – 5pm.

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