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Anyone in the fashion industry will tell you it’s impossible to get out, but I finally did. After 25 years of owning and buying for specialty retail companies, I launched The E List, a weekly newsletter about the best of the CT Shoreline.

Since 2008, I’ve been shouting out the small businesses between New Haven and New London. Who makes a stunning floral arrangement? Where’s the best wine selection? What’s the go-to salon? We announce the sales and events that matter, the must have items of the season, and tell you where to eat and what to do this weekend. Our online community of (mainly) Shoreline women goes offline for our signature events like our annual Insane Insidewalk Sale and our Girls’ Nights Out. 

When I’m not scouring the Shoreline for the Next Big Thing (which, according to my husband, isn’t often), I’m sending #OOTD pix to my daughter in college, practicing yoga, carrying on my love/hate relationship with my adorable but bratty pup, Bruno, volunteering at my favorite museum, the Florence Griswold, reading like a fiend, watching costume dramas or anything with subtitles, and oh, yes, I LOVE to entertain. I moved from Boston to Lyme 17 years ago and made myself a very big life in a very small town. 

I have an eye for style, a strong opinion, and a knack for knowing what’s coming next. My friends think I’m a blabbermouth. I like to think that I’m a champion of all things local and The E List is a happy place. I’m married to a lovely guy who puts up with all this nonsense, mainly by spending as much time as possible on his bike. He’s an extreme athlete masquerading as a nerdy doctor. Oh, and our only daughter? Well, I think she somehow managed to get the best of both of us. 

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About The E List weekly newsletter

The E List is a free weekly email newsletter about all good things on the Shoreline of Connecticut. There is plenty going on between New London and New Haven but the art venues, fashion destinations, food purveyors and restaurants are spread out and often hard to find.

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This website is a Guide to the Best of the Shoreline and an archive of everything that’s been on the weekly The E List newsletter. Here you will find all the shops, restaurants, art venues and destinations we’ve written about on The E List. We’ve included a searchable archive of past newsletters and articles.  We’ve added an events calendar to keep you up to date on what’s happening and find local businesses in our Black Book.

Editorial Policy

The E List welcomes submissions and we receive wonderful ideas from our readers. While we try to acknowledge every single one, sometimes we get flooded and emails get buried. We’re very sorry when that happens.

We receive lots of email about charitable events and typically we publish one per week based on the order we received the submission and what we think will most interest our readers.

The main body of The E List will always be our excruciating opinion. We do not receive compensation for editorial content. (Occasionally we include affiliate links to products we love and we do receive about ten cents if you happen to click on it.)  The right hand column of our  newsletter is paid advertising for products, services and events that we think our subscribers will be interested in. We hope you support our advertisers, as their sponsorship keeps us writing the The E List and sending it to you for free!

p.s. Oh, and we’ll never share your email.




Laura Williams 

I have a penchant for hiring yoga teachers, and Laura was the first. She was the second E List hire, and although she’s come and gone over the years, I think she’ll be the last one standing. A brilliant photographer, awesome writer, genius cook, and mother of the cutest and quirkiest kid ever (besides my own), Laura says her hidden talent is customer service. Not so hidden, if you ask me. She no longer has time to teach yoga because she’s our Production Manager, which basically means she does everything.

Sarah Foley

Sarah started pounding the pavement at The E List in 2010 as our first Advertising Manager. But that’s probably the least illustrious job in her varied career. She’s also an RN, a marathoner, green juice junkie, talented photographer, and mother of the three most adorable boys, ever (two of which are twins). She somehow manages to keep it all together and still works part-time at The E List as our Events Manager.





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