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March 29, 2021
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Fast-Casual Vegetarian Indian Food at Pataka, New Haven

pataka new haven

One need not be a vegetarian or a connoisseur of Indian cuisine to appreciate this vibrant joint in New Haven. We were already taken by the bold and brilliant branding of Pataka, (House of Naan’s) Harry and Romy Singh’s new fast-casual Indian place on Howe Street. So, it was a delight to discover the offerings inside were a perfect match for the outside! Each dish is crisp, clean and bursting with its own unique flavors. It’s no wonder the name translates in English to “firework”.

The menu is organized by sections of (Build Your Own) Bowls, Dosas (Indian crepes), and Street Snacks. We ordered a generous serving of brown rice and quinoa, topped with cucumber, pickled onions topped with veggie croquettes (made with beans, lentils and vegetables) and a side of scrumptious Tikka Masala sauce. We devoured an order of Aloo Samosa, a pastry stuffed with masala potatoes, spices and ginger tamarind and cilantro coconut chutney on the side. We just had to sample the seemingly guilt-free Idli Fries made from rice and lentils, tossed with curry leaves and served with spiced mayo and spicy ketchup. We washed it all down with Pataka’s own Ginger Lavender Lemonade.

If you choose to dine in, you’ll find the interior light-filled with plenty of space to safely enjoy a feast. 

Take out is easy. Download the app and get 20% off: text the word PATAKA to the number 33733, and they’ll send you a download link. Next, simply download the app, fill your cart, and use the code PATAKA20 at checkout for 20% off on your first order. Available for delivery and curbside pickup.

Loads of Vegan and Gluten-Free options. Catering also available!

It’s well worth a drive if you are outside of New Haven. We are certainly adding it to our rotation!

140 Howe Street, New Haven

Open everyday: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. 203.891.5133


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