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July 13, 2020

From Stem To Fern, A Botanical Boutique in Clinton

stem to fern

I’m of the mind that the best gifts are edibles, books, or plants. After weeks of lock-down, many of us have been winnowing our possessions and likely don’t want more tchotchkes. A new shop in Clinton may have just what you need for upcoming hostess gifts and birthday presents. The cheerful space, full of live and growing things in all shapes and sizes, is literally a breath of fresh air. Owner Emily Cross is obsessed with botanicals, and her enthusiasm, even behind a mask, is catching. 

Hanging greens have made a strong comeback, bringing me straight back to the ubiquitous 70’s spider plants that dripped from my mother’s ceiling. I’m intrigued by the tiny plants gathered into larger vessels and carefully consider a variety of larger-leaved shoots to freshen the air in my home. Choose from a selection of attractive pots for your purchase from antiqued terra-cotta and ceramic to galvanized metals. 

Emily is showcasing a handful of talented local artisans. I fell for these delicate oyster shells, rimmed in gold, and hand-painted with blooms and pottery. A wall of hand-carved hanging wooden spoons for an easy $20 make a smart stash for your gift closet, and the cheese boards adorned with shoreline motifs and crafted from Chamard’s wine barrels are a local find. You’ll find Ivory & Iron’s organic cleansers (our fave) here, too. Stop in for a breath of fresh air. 

26 West Main Street, Clinton


Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

stem to fern

stem to fern

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