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September 16, 2019
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Herbal Teas and Plant-Based Potions at Tonic

tonic herbal teas

Whether you lean towards Eastern medicine and alternative modalities or not, you’ll find lots to love about Tonic, a new dispensary of herbal teas and plant-based potions. What they’re serving up in this delightful shop in the middle of Chester, are cures for what ails you.

You may be familiar with Whole Harmony, the local tea company that’s been crafting delicious and lovely-to-look-at jars of herbal teas straight off their farm in East Haddam. They’ve expanded their online presence to include the Chester brick & mortar shop. You’ll find blends for sleep, vitality, calming, digestion, and so much more, plus a collection of chakra tonics, all of which have specific properties for various imbalances, both physical and mental.

I spent an hour and a half sampling and learning about the medicinal herbs and extracts that imbue the drinks. I’m happy to know that the luscious melon and stone fruit-based Sacral tonic is not only yummy but helps with digestion. The dragonfruit and citrus-based Third Eye is a detoxifying blend that aids in insight and intuition (something I could ALWAYS use more of). For Stability, try the berry and rose-based Root. I also sampled a teaspoon of their popular elderberry CBD syrup and felt noticeably calmer within the hour.

The tonics are mainly citrus-based and come in bejeweled glass bottles in stunning hues. You can purchase a bottle in the shop, but you’ll want to stay for an entire tasting to learn about the various chakras and which botanical beverage is best for what ails you.

It seems we’re all suffering from something: inflammation, digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, and exhaustion are routine complaints. Why not give these natural remedies a try?

Chakra Balancing Tonic Tastings available by appointment, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

1 Main Street in Chester

Tuesday – Sunday 9-6pm

Visit Tonic’s Facebook page.

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