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March 12, 2018
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La Cuisine, Branford

la cuisine

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If you love food, La Cuisine Café, Market & Catering is a must try! La Cuisine offers handcrafted, delicious, and fresh food at the Branford Café and at catered events. The La Cuisine team of talented professionals uses only the finest ingredients and prepares them with care to extract maximum flavor and outstanding visual presentation.

In the Café, you’ll find made from scratch baked goods daily and incredible breakfast and lunch items, including creative specials. Regulars love the prepared food case, which is a great solution for an easy, fresh, and healthy dinner.

For catered events, such as weddings or corporate parties, La Cuisine will create a custom menu and take care of every detail from A to Z.

With Passover and Easter just around the corner, La Cuisine continues the tradition of making holidays a snap with amazing offerings to feed the whole family.  Check out these menus today!  


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